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Hey folks! Here are notes from today's meeting:

SAF Fundraising Cmte Meeting Agenda
Tuesday April 9, 8:00 am
CDS Library
Attendees: Meredith, Tony, Sandra, Melinda

1. Welcome

2. Donor Appreciation Social (Quick Update)
Dianne Lanevi is hosting about 16 total ppl. A few attendees are new to SAF. 2 students will speak.
Bonus: Melinda has heard back from all 50 or so invitees, and one who can’t come has already made a donation, others have made plans to meet 1 on 1 with SAF.

3. SAF Giving Circle (Update)
Melinda will announce it tonight at donor social, looking for interest.
Need a host for the first gathering of the circle, some time in late summer (aug/sept)
Second gathering will be at Lynn Mcknight’s place some date in the fall.
Goal: 20 or so ppl at first meeting, who would bring 1 or 2 ppl to second meeting in Lynn’s

4. Summer Fundraising Campaign (Discussion)
Summer campaign for “major recurring donors” who give >$250/year
Second major donor push in 2019
Usually use End of Summer as the timeframe (send letters in June with July follow-up)
End of Summer at NC Museum of Art? Will be August 10th or 11th
We try to raise $25k from Major Donors in 2 separate drives- one in the fall and one in the summer, looking for their one annual
Use the Notecards designed by Galia, printed inside with the garland from the NFAW t-shirt design on one side and a typed message on the other side.
Message notes: We have 25 ppl on the ground in the summer working with migrant workers. What we’re seeing in the field, the SAF value-add.
Could we mail it on the day students arrive? June 1.
By April 19, Donor list sent out to cmte by Sandra
Monday April 29 Melinda writes copy
Week of April 30 Tony comes in to SAF to work on design
May 14 Fund team meeting will be letter-signing
May 31 Mailing day
Late in week of June 3, before June 10, Fundr team does follow up
June 11 Fundraising Mtg. look at who’s given so far
End of June is deadline for donations

5. Adjourn
Thanks Tony. And here is a link to Daisy's fundraising page in case folks want to make a donation:

Hey folks, here are the notes from the 4/10/18 meeting.

Thanks everyone!!!
Ted Talk about Jeffersonian Dinner
Thanks Tony. I also uploaded them into our documents folder.
Hey Everyone, here are the notes from the 2/13/2018 Team Meeting: